Restaurant Accounting: Simplified

TCFS is a delicious option for restaurant owners looking to reduce cost and recover wasted time. We know your business and we understand what’s important to you. Our mission is to simplify your success. When your restaurant, bar or food truck partners with our firm you can expect to save time and money while increasing efficiency and scalability. No more data entry, copying sales report numbers or trying to remember who gets paid when. We can manage your bookkeeping, software & apps, payables, financial reporting and payroll for you. Hiring our firm will carve items off your daily to do list allowing you to focus on more important things like customer service, marketing, staff performance and monitoring prime costs.


Save time by managing the bookkeeping

You have to keep really good records to determine if you’re making money and to file taxes. We save you time by doing the restaurant bookkeeping for you. Transactions are recorded in QuickBooks Online or Xero daily allowing you to reinvest HOURS into more productive tasks.

Keep vendors happy by paying bills on time

When you’re running a busy restaurant things can fall through the cracks. We’ll help you prevent this by managing your accounts payable and paying bills on time to keep your vendors happy. You still approve all payments.

Use financial data to cut cost and increase revenue

To run a profitable restaurant you must monitor your prime cost (food/beverage + labor = prime cost) and understand your financials. We take your financial records and create beautiful easy-to-ready financial reports and statements.

Comply with payroll and employment law and process payroll

Restaurant owners often fall into serious trouble with the IRS and state authorities for misclassifying employees, paying wages “under the table” and not paying payroll taxes. These errors may save you money in the short term but can cost you everything in the long term. We will manage your existing payroll system, create a payroll system if you don’t have one and help you stay in compliance with the law.

Move to the cloud and streamline operations with software and apps

TCFS is a cloud based firm with expertise and experience in a multitude of software, apps and point of sale systems. We’re QuickBooks Online Pro Advisors, Xero Certified Advisors, Certified and Dataurant Certified. We’ll analyze your business and develop a plan to move your operations to the cloud, select and configure software and apps and train you.