Real Estate Accounting: Simplified

Whether you’re a real estate brokerage firm, residential or commercial property management firm, investor or landlord, maintaining detailed and accurate accounting records are vital for your business. Tullis Consulting & Financial Services provides affordable and reliable bookkeeping, accounts payable and financial reporting services to real estate professionals. We can even help you select and configure your customer relation management (CRM) software, property management software and accounting software and move your entire operation to the cloud. Those in the property management/renting space can deploy our firm to design a customizable, scalable and cloud based property management workflow that increase your efficiency, save time and reduce operating costs.




Maintain business, escrow account and tenant accounting records

Real estate firms, property management companies and landlords are required by law to maintain escrow accounts for certain monies and keep records separate from their business financials. We can manage your business bookkeeping, escrow account records and property financials on your behalf. We’ll be the bookkeeper so you can be the CEO!


Manage A/P, maintain vendor files and pay bills

Keep your vendors, suppliers and service providers happy by paying bills on time while staying on top of costs. We’ll create an accounts payable system using cloud based solutions to maintain vendor files, review and approve bills and pay bills electronically. No more missing or lost paperwork. No more forgetting to pay this or that.


Use financial data to make important business decisions

Financial statements tell the financial story of your business and provide key data investors, regulators and partners. You’ll use business financials to determine profitability, file your taxes and comply with reporting requirements. As an advanced service, we can take your business financials and estimate cash flow and develop budgets.



Weekly bookkeeping with Xero or QuickBooks Online

Configuring your property management software Buildium or Rent Manager

Building a cloud based property management firm

Reconciliation and year end clean up

Custom financial reporting options

Accounts payable management and bill pay

Business tax prep and tax planning

Payroll processing