Campaign Finance: Simplified

You talk to the voters! We'll take care of the accounting, campaign payroll and compliance reporting. 

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our firm will provide your campaign or organization cloud based bookkeeping  and accounting services, periodic financial reports, receipt and document management and cloud based accounting software. Our services can be provided to campaigns and organizations across the country. We maintain your data in secure web based platforms eliminating hardware and software costs. 


We provide paperless payroll processing for your campaign or organization. With setup time as little as 3 business days and no upfront cost or software, our solution will ensure your employees and independent contractors are paid one time. We also collect and pay payroll taxes and file payroll tax returns on your behalf. 

Compliance Reporting

You can trust TCFS to file accurate and timely compliance reports with the FEC, IRS or state campaign finance authorities. 


IMPORTANT: Tullis Consulting & Financial Services LLC (TCFS LLC) may refuse to serve any candidate, candidate committee or political organization who's values and/or public policy positions contrast those of the firm's ownership. Accepting a candidate, candidate committee or political organization as a client is not an endorsement of any candidate, organization or public policy position. TCFS LLC does not make political contributions or endorse candidates for political office.