Personal Tax Issues: Simplified

We offer personal tax assistance in the form of tax return preparation and filing, tax planning and tax debt resolution.

The accurate and timely filing of your tax returns is a very serious matter. As an authorized IRS efile provider, we can quickly and safely file your federal, state and local tax returns with their corresponding agencies electronically. We study the tax code and stay on top of all changes so you don't have to. Our firm can also help you reduce your taxable income through estimate your tax burden tax planning. If you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS, we’ll help you negotiate with the IRS and reduce or eliminate penalties. Whether you’re a US citizen or foreign national, we have the experience and expertise to solve your tax problems.


Prepare and file federal, state and local tax returns

We’ll prepare your personal federal, state and local tax returns, help you maximize your deductions and credits and file your returns electronically. We also help with crypto currency tax reporting.

Reduce your tax liability and estimate your tax burden

Personal tax planning consists of developing and implementing tax saving strategies, promoting tax efficiency and estimating your tax burden BEFORE the bill comes so you’re prepared.

Negotiate with the IRS and resolve open tax debt

If you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes to the IRS, we’ll help you negotiate with the IRS, reduce penalties and interest, development a payment plan and resolve your tax debt for as little as possible.


How We Work

  • Serving all 50 states

  • Services provided remotely using cloud based application and smart phone apps

  • Flat fees per return (no hourly fees)

  • Files stored in secure cloud portal (no postal mail)

  • Fast, secure, consistent and reliable service