Tax Returns: Simplified

Professional, affordable and reliable tax prep.

We'll prepare your federal, state and local tax returns and file them electronically using your electronic signature. Our process is paperless which means you send us your tax docs electronically, you review and sign your returns electronically and your returns are filed and taxes paid electronically. All using our secure software and cloud portal.


Identify applicable tax deductions and credits

Before we start work on your tax returns, we’ll crawl through the federal, state and local tax codes to find every possible tax deduction and credit that can be applied to your situation.

Prepare and file your tax returns

We’ll prepare your personal federal, state and local tax returns, help you maximize your deductions and credits and file your returns electronically. We also help with crypto currency tax reporting.

Research and resolve tax questions

If you have specific concerns or questions pertaining to tax issues or how to navigate the tax code, we’ll research and resolve your tax questions quickly and thoroughly.


Fees & Pricing

$349 - Form 1040 (1040 + 2 states)
$449 - Form 1040NR (1040NR + 2 states + FBAR)
$49/per additional state
$100/per Schedule C
$100/per Schedule E
$150/ per Schedule H

How We Work

  1. We review your tax situation and determine whether or not we can help you

  2. If you qualify for our services, we send an engagement letter and setup your virtual tax organizer

  3. Once you sign the letter and pay, you are provided access to your virtual tax organizer

  4. We complete your returns based on the information provided to us

Form 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return)

Form 1040 is the standard Federal income tax form used to report an individual’s gross income (e.g., money, goods, property, and services). It is also known as “the long form” because it is more extensive than the shorter 1040A and 1040EZ returns. Unlike the other tax forms, IRS Form 1040 allows you to claim numerous expenses and tax credits, itemize deductions, and adjust income.

Form 1040NR (U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return)

Form 1040NR is the Federal individual income tax return for non-resident aliens. Form 1040NR must be filed if you were a nonresident alien during the past tax year who engaged in business in the U.S.. You are required to file even if you have no income from the business, or your income is exempt from tax under a treaty with your country. You must also use this form if you were a nonresident alien who did not engage in U.S. business, but received income from U.S. sources that are reportable on Schedule NEC.