What is cloud accounting?

Tullis Consulting & Financial Services LLC (TCFS) is fully cloud based accounting, tax and payroll firm. Cloud accounting is term used to describe the accounting process done virtually (or nearly virtually). We used cloud based accounting software programs (Xero and Quickbooks Online) instead of disks installed on the computer, email and web based client portals instead of snail mail and file cabinets, apps to capture receipt images instead of keeping paper receipts, automation tools to automatically gather invoices, bills and statements and more. Cloud accounting is better, faster, cheaper accounting. You'll work more efficiently, spend less money and get better service with our firm.  


The role of a bookkeeper is data entry. Our weekly bookkeeping service turns a tedious and annoying process into a simple and stress free experience! We record all your checks, charges, invoices, bills, receipts, transfers and other business transactions in Xero or Quickbooks Online for you! Each bookkeeping client has free unlimited cloud storage and we organize and file your documents and financial records in the cloud safe from fire, flood, theft and misplacement. As a client, you'll be able to upload your receipts via your smart phone so you can throw away all that paper. Every month you'll receive a Monthly Management Report that includes your balance sheet, profit & loss statement, aging accounts payable report and aging accounts receivable report. No need to purchase accounting software because we provide it free for new clients!


The role of an accountant is to prepare financial reports, ensure compliance with GAAP and file tax returns. As your dedicated accountant we're on call 24/7 to provide expert accounting and tax advice, answer your financial questions and reply to tax related inquires from the IRS. We perform your monthly bank reconciliation, maintain your general ledger in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) track and report accruals, adjustments and prepayments and perform other accounting functions. As your accountant, we’ll prepare and file your business state & federal tax returns and sales and use tax returns.

Virtual CFO

The role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to help you make smart strategic business decisions. While your bookkeeper handles the data entry and your accountant prepares financial reports, a CFO uses the numbers to make strategic proactive business decisions and to help you see down the rode. We'll also prepare your operating, departmental and capital budgets, produce cash flow projections, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting and expense analysis.