Accounts Payable & Bill Pay: Simplified

Outsource your accounts payable & receivables department to us and save your money.

Efficient Workflow

Our bill pay service makes it super simple to outsource your A/P processing while retaining full control over who gets paid. We work with you to develop a list of pre-approved vendors who are paid automatically and then you simply send us your bills and we do the rest. You approve every payment we make.

Electronic Payment Processing

Your bills are paid electronically through ACH direct deposit into the vendor's bank account or by check printed and mailed on your behalf. We're only able to pay bills you approve so you don't have to worry about fraudulent bills or erroneous payments. 

Virtual File Cabinet

Your bills are securely organized and archived in the cloud so your records are always safe from flood, fire and misplacement. You never have to track down a missing bill and document.