Tax Compliance: Simplified

We provide simple, affordable and paperless tax filing and tax resolutions services for individual, business and nonprofit clients!

All clients received access to a web based tax organizer to send tax documents and financial data electronically and a secure online portal to store your documents and tax returns securely for up to 13 months. All prices listed include both the federal and up to one (1) state return. Multiple state returns are assessed additional fees. Clients are required to pay half of our fee upfront and the balance when we complete your return. To become a tax client you must have: (1) access to email, phone, computer with internet access, a scanner (or smart phone with scanning app); (2) a social security number assigned to you and (3) current government issued picture ID.



Business Taxes

We serve businesses of all sizes and include your federal and 1 (one) state return for one flat rate. Returns for your sole proprietorship, single member LLC, multi-member LLC, partnership, s-corp or corporation will be prepared and filed electronically with electronic signature.

Personal Taxes

We'll carefully prepare your federal and state returns and file them electronically using your electronic signature. Our process is paperless meaning documents are reviewed and signed electronically and documents are shared electronically between you and our firm. Click to learn more.


Nonprofits are also required to file an annual tax return. Failing to file the annual Return for Exempt Organizations can result in your tax exempt status being revoked.  We will prepare your annual 990 and walk you through each component to ensure your organization is in compliance. 

$100/ Sole proprietorship or single member LLC
$449/ Multi-member LLC, partnership or S-Corp
$649/ C-Corp


Tax Transcripts

  • Copies of your tax transcripts from past 15 years
  • Sealed tax transcripts mailed to lenders, lanlords, employwers, etc  

Penalty Abatement

  • Estimated Tax Penalty
  • Failure to File Penalty
  • Failure to Pay Penalty
  • Failure to Deposit Penalty

Tax Debt

  • Installment agreements and payment plans
  • Administrative support to help you: stop IRS Collections, lift IRS levies and other adverse efforts

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