Small Business: Simplified



Xero subscription & setup
Weekly bookkeeping
Monthly management report
Virtual document management
Electronic receipt management
Track expenses by project or client
Sales/use tax compliance
Email & phone support & client portal



Includes all of "Basics" plus...
General ledger maintenance
Fixed asset accounting
Full set of financial statements
State & Federal business taxes
State & Federal personal taxes*
Payroll in Xero for up to 5 employees



Includes all of "Essentials" plus...
Annual budget & cash projections
Bill payment processing (25 items)
Invoicing/ A/R processing (25 items)
Payroll processing for 10 employees


Fine Print

Services are provided with Xero or Quickbooks Online // Prices are the same regardless of which accounting program we use // TCFS will work with you to determine which accounting program is best for your needs // Certain services are available only with the Xero accounting program // A/P & A/R Processing for more than 25 items charged $25 per 15 items //

What's Included

Xero Subscription & Setup

TCFS is a Xero Silver Champion Partner and a Xero Certified Advisor firm. We use Xero, a cloud based accounting software, with most of our clients. We will provide your Xero subscription (or you can buy it yourself and own it).

Xero Setup and Records Conversion

We provide free basic setup of Xero and overview training for new clients. We'll also clean up your existing records (current year only ) and convert your books for no cost.

Weekly Bookkeeping

We record all your checks, charges, invoices, bills, receipts, transfers, etc in Xero and ensure the date, transaction description, chart of accounts code and tracking categories are accurately entered.

Monthly Management Reporting

Every month you'll receive a monthly Management Report that includes your balance sheet, profit & loss, aging accounts payable and aging accounts receivable reports. 

Virtual Document Management

We provide free unlimited cloud storage with our bookkeeping service. Your files and financial records are safe from fire, flood, theft and misplacement when they're stored in the cloud. 

Receipt Management

Upload your receipts and invoices via phone or website and key data is automatically extracted and sent to us. The image of each receipt/bill is automatically saved.

Income & Expense Tracking

We'll track your income and expenses by project, client, region, etc. You choose the tracking category and we track your transactions and provide with reports as requested. 

Sales/Use Tax Compliance

We'll file your sales tax return and make payments on your behalf to keep  you in compliance with the government. 

Email and Phone Support

We provide unlimited email, phone and text messaging support during support hours for no additional cost.

Client Portal

All clients receive their own secure online portal for uploading, downloading and storing documents eliminating the need to fax, mail or email. You have access to this portal via your web browser and smart phone. 

General Ledger Maintenance

We record adjusting, correcting and closing entries to ensure your books are kept in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and prepare your adjusted trial balance at year end. We'll also track and report accruals, adjustments and prepayments.

Fixed Asset Accounting

We'll maintain a schedule of your fixed assets, calculate depreciation expense and record the appropriate adjusting entries in your ledger in accordance with GAAP. 

Financial Statements

We prepare a full set of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements (including the balance sheet, profit & loss, statement of cash flow, etc) using the accrual basis. 

Business Tax Returns

We will prepare and electronically file and pay (if available) your State and Federal business tax filings. Sole Proprietorship and Single Member LLC business returns includes personal returns for the owner.

Personal Tax Returns*

For business with up to 2 owners, we will prepare the state & federal personal tax returns for both owners in addition to the tax returns for the business. An amazing value!

Payroll in Xero

Full payroll processing for no extra cost! Utilizing Xero's integrated payroll system, we'll ensure your employees are paid on time, provide you with reports and file your payroll tax returns and payments. Direct deposit and electronic tax filing is availabnle. 

Bill Pay & A/P Processing

Your bills are sent to us automatically and you tell us which you want paid and when. We pay your bills via ACH (electronic check) or paper check and keep a copy of the bill in a secure cloud file. 

Invoicing & A/R Processing

Outsource your billing and accounts receivable work to us and we will send your customers/clients electronic invoices and/or paper invoices, track payments and report on past due balances.