Taxes are too complicated to navigate alone.
We are here to help. 

The accurate and timely filing of your tax returns is a very serious matter. As an authorized IRS efile provider, we can quickly and safely file your federal, state and local tax returns with their corresponding agencies electronically. We study the tax code and stay on top of all changes so you don't have to. You can trust our firm as your taxation expert and hire TCFS as own personal tax accountant for a price that makes our services available to all people. Our pricing is not based on your income or location and we never charge by the hour. As a client you'll enjoy one flat rate per return, you own secure online portal to access completed returns and files and a virtual tax organizer. From the time you send us your W-2 to the moment we file your completed returns, we'll never hassle with paper records or be asked to sign paper documents. 

What We Do

  • Federal, state and local tax returns

  • Returns for citizens and foreign nationals

  • Tax resolution & IRS negotiation

  • Tax planning & scenario projections

  • One time or ongoing services available

How We Work

  • Serving all 50 states and foreign clients

  • Services provided remotely using cloud based application and smart phone apps

  • Flat fees per return (no hourly fees)

  • Files stored in secure cloud portal (no postal mail)

  • Fast, secure, consistent and reliable service

What We Charge

  • Basic 1040 starting at $349

  • Nonresident returns starting at $375

  • Schedule C - $150

  • Schedule H - $275

  • Amendments starting at $199

What makes us different?

Tullis Consulting & Financial Services LLC is a cloud based tax and accounting firm with thousands of satisfied clients around the country. We have no stores, no rent or utilities, no company cars or mileage costs and no printing and postage costs. We work virtually. This allows us to operate our company for very little overhead and we pass the savings off to you. 

Premium Personal Tax ® Service

Our premium personal tax service subscription includes: 

  • Open to U.S. Citizens and foreign nationals

  • Federal and State personal tax return preparation

  • Electronic tax return filing

  • Personal tax analysis and report on how the new tax law effects you

  • Free amended filings (if every necessary)

  • Annual tax planning consultation and a custom written tax plan

  • Unlimited priority support via email, phone, text and video chat

  • Electronic receipt management via smart phone app

  • Receivership of letters and notices from the IRS and other tax agencies; we get a copy (not the original) in the mail, scan it and upload it to your portal for easy viewing and safekeeping

  • Reminders about tax payments; tax payments on your behalf using your preferred payment method

Basic Personal Tax Service

Our basic personal tax service includes: 

  • Federal 1040 return

  • Up to two states

  • Electronic tax filing

  • One time annual service; no ongoing support or consultation